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#215435 - 04/05/08 01:26 AM Differentiating Between A Victim and The Survivor
jcf1957 Offline

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("Understanding The Contrasting Characteristics Between Victims Of Sexual Assault And Survivors Of Sexual Assault")
("Sexual Assault Victims") are persons "female or male" who have experienced, or are experiencing unwanted or uninvited sexual intrusion into their physical and emotional being.
They typically feel helpless, out of control, and disconnected from their lives. Victims of sexual assault have a predisposed vulnerability to become overwhelmed by their feelings of pain, rage,
anger, fear, sadness, and depression. They are caught in a cycle of reactivity and frequently engage in self-harming and maladaptive ways of coping.

("Survivors of Sexual Assault") are persons "female or male"
who have made the conscious decision to move from being passive
victims, to empowered agents of change who are more in control of
their lives. They have begun to ("own") their painful memories and experiences. Starting the process of mourning their losses, and honoring what they needed to do to get through each day and finally, making themselves ready to embrace life.

Rape Survivors are persons who have moved beyond simply reacting to life and separate through the many missing pieces of their shattered personal identity to search for wholeness and meaning to life. Rape Survivors are persons who seek courage, strength, and wisdom from their painful experiences and are on a conscious
search to reclaim their sense of hope, personal power, sexuality,
personhood, femininity, masculinity, spiritual richness, and the
will to thrive.

It is a striking significance for all skilled medical professionals, and specialized caregivers ("psychiatrist's and psychologist") interested in ("Equally") helping ("Both") female
and male victims of sexual assault; to crucially recognize the
necessary balance point on which these two stages of healing divide contrast. In fact, it has everything to do with the
effectiveness of structured psychological treatment ("resources"). This of course has a direct corresponding invalueableness on what distinctive measures mental health officials make ("equally") available to both female and male rape victims.

This involves a profound understanding of emotional pain, depression, and the respective singular differences, in conjunction with the sexual orientation characteristics that subsist in a unilateral manner between "female" and "male" rape
victims respectively; enabling them to access life changing psychological help easily at their own learning discretion.

Non-Abused people who have never experienced the violent torture
of sexual assault, rarely appreciate, nor can they in "actuality"
fathom the immense incredible endurance and courage it takes to
integrate an anguished and horrific painful rape experience
into ones personal life, and emerge whole with new purpose.

Rape Survivors have traveled far from their long arduous journey
of being trapped and enveloped inside the daunting effects of rape sequella. Away from being dehumanized, disorientated, and stigmatized by undeserved humiliation, disgrace, guilt, unrelenting mental anguish and extreme vulnerability.

Within the Rape Survivors experience of emotional struggle lies
the courageous battle and renunciation of vulnerable emotions and stigma. Where there is strong determination to ascribe to principled goals, there is hope to a change of integrity.
Finding hope, peace, and freedom can be a lifelong tumultuous journey for any rape victim. For these reasons and more;
it is imperative as to the reliability, quality, and unbroken completeness, embracing all female and male rape victims;
assuring that their transformation into ("rape survivors")
lies with having a strong foundation, influence, and efficaciousness with attuned psychotherapy resources.

Failing unsuitability and a gross lack of resources in particular regard to most "male rape victims" is questionably
blatant irresponsibility due to societal mainstream biased thinking and indifference. Male Rape victims for the most part, are sadly left to their own painful demise. Substance abuse, suicide attempts, and possible death.

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No affliction nor temptation, no guilt nor power of sin, no wounded spirit nor terrified conscious should induce us to despair comfort from God.

Today well lived...makes every tomorrow a vision of Hope.

#215440 - 04/05/08 01:45 AM Re: Differentiating Between A Victim and The Survivor [Re: jcf1957]
Still Offline

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WOW! Did you write this?

#215475 - 04/05/08 04:15 AM Re: Differentiating Between A Victim and The Survivor [Re: Still]
Iroll Offline
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Thanks for the info. I just found this site today and am already having one eye opener after another. I am 60 years old and have gone through life knowing that something was not right. My wife suspected that I had been sexually abused by my older brother and confronted him last July and he confessed that he had sexually abused me over a three year period when I was 9-12 years old. I have no recollection of the abuse but now many things seem to make sense to me that before were just weird quirks within me. I am angry and confused but as I read through these postings I am getting some focus on a life lived only partially. I think I am somewhere between a victim and a survivor at this point but wish fiercely that he had never done this to me and I also pray that I will be able to work through this and salvage the remainder of my life and that it will become a more fully lived life than the last 50 years. Does it make sense to any of you that I love my brother at some level but that I desperately desire to tear his f***ing head off!!


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