I wanted to share with possible veterans on here( i know USMC is anyway) and ask that i'm on SSDI and already 40% service connected from another disorder.Anyway my claim for PTSD after almost 9 months has reached the next step to having a C&P ...( compensation and pension exam).

The details of why i am filing a claim forPTSD is a long story however i was wondering seeing i am on SSDI for PTSD and major depessive disorder and anxiety and ADHD.

My question is are my chances at least pretty good for SC....afterall i have paperwork from SSA that i am on soc sec disability,letters from 3 different family memebers and my fiancee ( 4 people ) who are in support of my issues and what it's been like for me since i was discharged from the navy in 1992.

Long story short i have an exam coming up as i mentioned do you or anyone else familiar with the VA SYSTEM think my chances for SC PTSD pretty good.

I'd really like some feedback and perspective therefore i'd be truly grateful of any help you can offer.


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