Go Dad!


WELDON, Iowa -- An Iowa toddler is recovering after his dad saved him from a well on Wednesday.

The incident happened in Wheldon, a small town on the Clarke-Decatur, county line, around 4 p.m.

"I had my eyes off him for 30 seconds at most," said the father, Matt Chumbley.

Chumbley was in his yard raking and watching his son Ayden, 2, in a neighbor's yard chasing the family's cat, Freddy.

"And when I turned around he was gone," Chumbley said. "When I last seen the cat she was standing on this well platform."

The platform was made from rotten plywood and crumbled under Ayden's 25-pound weight.

"He was yelling for daddy and I looked down and there he was down in there," Chumbley said.

Chumbley could see Ayden treading water and bobbing up and down.

"He had on a big Carhartt coat and I think it just kind of acted like a life preserver," Chumbley said.

Chumbley started clearing away the wood and cinder blocks to get to his son, but he made a mistake.

"When that block hit him I was scared, very scared," Chumbley said.

The impact sent Ayden under water and dad dove right in after him, down the 10-foot well into the 10-foot-deep water.

"When my head came out of the water, I already had his above the water. He was looking at me crying just saying daddy, daddy help me," Chumbley said.

Chumbley climbed out and ran to his wife, Beth, who was already coming to the front door.

"They were just soaking wet and had junk all over them," she said.

Bleeding and scared, they rushed Ayden to the hospital.

Waiting for his exam, the Chumbleys overheard their boy answer this question from an EMT, "Is your daddy your hero?"

Ayden answered, "Yeah, my daddy's my hero."

Ayden has some bumps and bruises, his nose and his head hurts, but otherwise he is OK.

There's a picture of the little guy in the article and oh boy is his face a mess; it'll definitely give him some good cred as he gets older \:\/

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