I won't be surprised if I get some negative responses for posting this, but I'm more concerned with getting past the stigma associated with this particular class of drugs (benzodiazepenes).

Since I have recently been put in a situation where avoiding triggers and flashbacks is not an option, I decided that it was time to take a very direct and responsible approach to my recovery. For me, developing a crush on an intimidating individual (another male) is typically when I start having flashbacks, anxiety, depression, and sometimes panic.

I have never really been fond of the effects of alprazolam (Xanax) because I found it to be far too sedating, and when the drug wears off there seems to be a harsh sort of "crash" in that I am thrown right back into an anxious state. I even still felt sluggish but the anxiety would have returned before the sluggishness was gone.

I spoke with my doctor about alternatives and he suggested clonazepam. When I asked him why he feels comfortable prescribing that one over all the others, he said because his experience with it has been very positive. It is long-lasting and much less sedating, althought it does tend to be sedating in the beginning, so he started me on a low-ish dose. He already prescribes an SSRI and he says that it is best to use them together.

He told me that taking it everyday IS an option but it is not required to get the benefits of the drug. He told me it is probably best to just take it as needed.

I have been using this medication now for at least two years, and I am getting very suprising and encouraging results. I told my doctor that I am reading Victims No Longer, and I am seeing a therapist who specializes in childhood sexual abuse, and that I have been having disturbing flashbacks and even fits of rage. I told him that I found myself going through my usual pre>

Guilt and shame have never done any of us any good at all.