This is the first part of Pufferfish’s story. It is probably triggering, so if you think you might be triggered, turn it off now. Pufferfish does not want to become a triggerfish.

Some of what is written here sounds as though Pufferfish is conceited and arrogant. But be sure that he is broken and humble.

The setting was in beautiful southern California near Los Angeles.

Pufferfish was a beautiful little child. He had big brown eyes and long eyelashes and even features. His body motions were fluid and precise. He was also a gentle and intelligent child, except for an occasional temper tantrum.

When Pufferfish was almost 4 years old, his Muvver sent him and his sister down the street with a measuring cup to borrow a cup of sugar. When they were returning, a man called out from his garage, where he was cleaning his car as his own little boy watched. “Come over here and I’ll show you a new game.” He called to Pufferfish but not to his sister. The man told him to sit on the concrete floor as he reached for a jar of lubricant. He told Pufferfish to pull down his short pants. This was not difficult for little Pufferfish to do at that age. His hand went back and forth on Pufferfish’s peepee thing.

A few days later the man came over to Pufferfish’s house and told his mother that if she ever wanted to have some time to herself and go to town to shop, he would be glad to take care of Pufferfish for a day while she took some time off. The mother was relieved and accepted the offer. The next day she brought little Pufferfish all dressed up in his little tan top and bottom outfit to the man’s screen door within the garage. The man took Pufferfish upstairs and to the back of his house where the sunlight shone brightly through a large glass window. His son Bobby was there. Bobby was 6 years old.

The next morning little Pufferfish came up behind his Muvver as she washed the breakfast dishes. He told her meekly “Bobby put his peepee thing in my bottom hole”. She seemed not to notice or hear what he said, and told him to go outside and play with his blocks and trucks. Pufferfish was angry because the blocks didn’t fit in his truck.

The next week Pufferfish’s Muvver brought him to the house again. Upstairs in the room the man had a big black box (Pufferfish discovered much later that this was a movie camera) set up and pointing at the bed. He poured syrup on Pufferfish’s and Bobby’s peepee things and told them to suck on each other as he stood behind the black box.

The next week when the Muvver brought Pufferfish over, Pufferfish was not happy. He kicked and screamed and refused to go in. But it made no difference. He had to go in and they were much stronger than he was. So up to the room they went again. This happened for some weeks. Then it was time for Pufferfish’s birthday. Pufferfish felt very sad because he was not a good boy and because his birthday was not celebrated like his sister’s. He stood on the bridge alone and thought sad thoughts. Several weeks later, the man’s son Bobby refused to suck on Pufferfish anymore, because Pufferfish had peed in his mouth.

Then came along another little boy in the weeks after that. He had a last name that was famous and started with letter “S” but which won’t be mentioned here. The man invented a new game to be played before the black box. Now, as the camera churned, the new boy sat on the bed against the wall while Pufferfish came down his legs on his peepee thing as he played with Pufferfish’s peepee thing.

The man had a party. Pufferfish remembers that only men and boys came to the party and that they didn’t have any clothes on. There was loud talking and joking. Some of them were doing a kind of dance together that Pufferfish had never seen before. Pufferfish was scared and hid under a table. The man had several of these kinds of parties.

One day the man asked Pufferfish’s Muvver if he could go with him to the famous studio in the big city where the famous products were made. Pufferfish was very bored with the long ride in the man’s car and he couldn’t see out the window. When they got there Pufferfish was bored some more. The men were not drawing the famous cartoons and their easels (Pufferfish learned this word later) were covered with cloth. But the men were doing that strange dance without any clothes on. This made Pufferfish very nervous.

Pufferfish started wetting his bed at night. He started being real, real quiet. He started playing with his own peepee thing until his Muvver told him she would cut if off if he didn’t stop. Then Pufferfish’s family moved away from there. A big truck came and loaded all Pufferfish’s things. Pufferfish started crying because he thought that they were taking his stuff away.