I've always been a fan of the Kodiak and Timberwolf myself, but the Atlas is decent in a pinch. Go Clan GhostBear!!!

Not the mechs. I'm referring too of course, but I couldn't resist. Still feeling a tiny bit of silliness that washed over me after a good chat with a good friend last night (Thanks Man!!). It's fast receding as my day progresses, and I've been putting allot of thought into how to replace those old coping mechanisms with new ones. I haven't been able to find anything yet to replace those thought and fantasies that inevitably crowd into my mind nor the desires that they cause whenever I'm in one of those places. Not sure why I'm feeling the need today, but my mind keeps wandering and it's making work difficult!!!

SO! How do I go about figuring all this out and coming up with new healthy mechs that I can use to fix this mess???