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#211712 - 03/19/08 07:27 PM I'm Biking!! :-O
AndyJB2005 Offline

Registered: 11/14/06
Posts: 1249
Loc: Minnesota
So today I bought a bike -- mountain bike, to be more specific, at Target. 21 speeds! I think that's a good thing (?) LOL

It has been a goal of mine to do more biking instead of riding the bus as soon as it got warm enough, and not icy. Since my work is only 2.7 miles from my house (I'm so anal, I mapquested the distances. LOL) -- and pretty much everything else I go to, except my Saturday meeting, is even closer, I thought it seemed reasonable.

I want to do it for my health mostly -- and possibly to lose some weight. I'm not that big, but I don't enjoy how I look in the mirror or in pictures, etc, and if I'm honest I am over weight. My body has been on my mind a lot lately, and I don't like it. I don't think exercise would hurt my depression either.

So a little is vanity and a little is good health. LOL

So I rode the bike home from Target -- which is 1.3 miles. I tell ya, I'm a lot more out of shape than I imagined. I was pretty winded just going that far, and I felt that pain in my side that I haven't felt since high school gym class. LOL

I guess I'll just have to work through it and get use to it. I'm sure as I do it more, I'll more accustomed to biking. But I felt like a total ...dork...when I was stopping about half way. lol. Since it's been about 5 or 6 years since I've done any real exercising, I can't really beat myself up too much.

I'm really excited about this though. I have a lot of drive and motivation so far. It's unusual for me to be this motivated in the exercise department, so I must really want it.

Wish me luck! Any advice on biking is welcomed! I'm such a newbie! LOL

Life's disappointments are harder to take when you don't know any swear words. -- Calvin (Calvin and Hobbes)

#211717 - 03/19/08 07:55 PM Re: I'm Biking!! :-O [Re: AndyJB2005]
Trish4850 Offline
BoD Liaison Emeritus

Registered: 10/15/05
Posts: 3280
Loc: New Jersey
HAVE FUN! But don't try to jump a curb like the young kids who make it look sooooooooooooo easy or you'll find yourself on your ass. How do I know that? 'cause I forgot I wasn't 14! *ouch* Other than that, riding is fun, fun, fun!

ROCK ON.........Trish

If you fall down 10 times, Stand up 11.

#211720 - 03/19/08 08:16 PM Re: I'm Biking!! :-O [Re: Trish4850]
DanM Offline

Registered: 11/09/07
Posts: 540
Loc: So. California
Good for you Andy! With gas closing in on $4, it has benefits besides health and mood adjustment. I think I might follow your lead and pull the bike down from the garage attic.


#211721 - 03/19/08 08:22 PM Re: I'm Biking!! :-O [Re: DanM]
Hauser Offline

Registered: 11/12/05
Posts: 2963
Loc: United States
Hi Andy. VERY Cool. You might find that whatever brand you bought is rather flimsy and breaks easily. For instance, plastic pedals, easily broken sprockets, etc.

Just remember this isn't that dirt bike that you had as a kid, one good bump, and there goes your tire, and the rim! LOL

I rode my bike to my local downtown college campus, and I found that it was actually FASTER than driving a car because I didn't have to wait for traffic or find a parking place!

Bikes are very nice to have.

#211724 - 03/19/08 08:41 PM Re: I'm Biking!! :-O [Re: Hauser]
markgreyblue Offline

Registered: 12/19/03
Posts: 5400
Loc: Pasadena, CA
This sounds great! Congrats...!

" not look outside yourself for the leader."
-wisdom of the hopi elders

"...the sign of a true leader is service..." - anonymous

#211725 - 03/19/08 08:43 PM Re: I'm Biking!! :-O [Re: Trish4850]
LandOfShadow Offline

Registered: 12/11/07
Posts: 684
Loc: Minneapolis, Minnesota USA
Hey cool Andy! Check out all the trails in the metro. And I've taken my bike on the light rail easily. The last station is about the same distance as Target.

Here are are the trail maps:

Et par le pouvoir d’un mot Je recommence ma vie, Je suis né pour te connaître, Pour te nommer

And by the power of a single word I can begin my life again, I was born to know you, to name you

Paul Eluard

#211792 - 03/20/08 03:18 AM Re: I'm Biking!! :-O [Re: LandOfShadow]
KeithR Offline

Registered: 10/28/06
Posts: 363
Loc: Georgia
GOOD LUCK, Andy. AND good Idea. \:\)

Be safe on the bike


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#211821 - 03/20/08 05:45 AM Re: I'm Biking!! :-O [Re: KeithR]
alexey Offline
Moderator Emeritus
Registered: 08/16/05
Posts: 1677
Loc: Moscow, Russia
I am glad, Andy.


When you feel all alone and unhappy, turn to you Inner Child and talk to Him.
You will see He can comfort you like nothing else!

#211843 - 03/20/08 12:50 PM Re: I'm Biking!! :-O *DELETED* [Re: alexey]
awakening Offline

Registered: 01/01/08
Posts: 342
Post deleted by awakening

#211844 - 03/20/08 12:55 PM Re: I'm Biking!! :-O [Re: awakening]
GateKPR4 Offline

Registered: 10/29/07
Posts: 955
Loc: North Carolina, USA
Great Andy,
I was an avid biker for years until I almost got hit by a car. then I started walking because we did not have bike paths to go on and we only had 10 speeds. I would love to start again but until they provide a safe place to go I'm not going to start again. I hope you have a good time. OF course you will be sore for a few days but it will pass. \:\)

I'm a normal person dealing with abnormal experiences.
The greatest discoveries we will find within ourselves.
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#211879 - 03/20/08 05:09 PM Re: I'm Biking!! :-O [Re: GateKPR4]
ericc Offline

Registered: 01/05/08
Posts: 1986

I am a big fan of biking. It helps me clear my mind a bit, get exercise, enjoy the outdoors, etc. Don't get discouraged in that you are just starting out and need to take breaks. You will find in time that it will get easier and you should see your ability to go further distances improve. I personally think biking is a lot of fun. In fact, I am on a long weekend vacation, and am off to bike to the store right now. Ride on!


#212131 - 03/21/08 05:48 PM Re: I'm Biking!! :-O [Re: ericc]
TJ jeff Offline

Registered: 08/07/04
Posts: 3578
Loc: Northern Wisconsin

Great to hear that you got a bike - I think that once your body gets used to it you'll be biking all over the place... - it's a great feeling to just be able to jump on and go and not have to depend on public transportation

I'm not that big
- that might just be the understantement of the year my friend - lol \:\) - either that or I "NEED" to loose another 40+ pounds myself - lol \:\)

I don't think exercise would hurt my depression either
- fresh air and excerise does do wonders for lifting the mood - reminds me that I need more of that myself

Biking is great in sooo many ways... - physical benefits - mental benefits - even pocketbook benefits (with gas hitting new record highs biking is very much a winning way of getting around)

Can you believe that I used to bike over 15 miles a day myself back when I was a kid? - I did - I delivered 3 paper routes - a total of over 15 miles a day - Wednesdays were 25 mile days - even rode the bike right through the winter delivering papers 3 years

Going to have to dust off my mountain bike this weekend \:\)

TJ jeff

Who will cry for the little boy? - I will... - Antwone Fisher

Abuse happens in silence/isolation - Recovery happens only when that silence/isolation is broken...

TJ's History

#212298 - 03/22/08 06:55 PM Re: I'm Biking!! :-O [Re: TJ jeff]
Still Offline

Registered: 02/16/07
Posts: 7011
Loc: FEMA Region 1
YOU BE SURE TO WEAR A HELMET MISTER!!!! You don't want to end up like me!

BTW: Get good at jumps too. You know you gotta do jumps!

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