Hello everyone, again thank you for your replies.

We are going to the police today to file the report. I'm really nervous for some reason. Not because of what we are doing, but I'm not sure how my husband is going to react to all of this.

HG- Thank you for the encouraging words! I really appreciate it!

Trish- He has met with a T a few times & he didn't like it at all. I'm in the process of finding one that specializes in CSA. He has also been speaking with the detective at the prosecutors office and feels very comfortable with her as well. Before that he spoke with an advocate. I hope that this will be the support he needs for now. (His mom, stepdad, my parents & myself all know also, and we are all backing him 100%) Not sure if that matters, but we are all here for him & I think he knows it.. well, I hope he does...he should, we've all told him a million times. I just hope that he feels it in his heart.

Larry- After reading the stories here and what you wrote I am getting a better understanding of this. I hope that he can try to heal from this, but after a conversation with him last night, I'm beginning to see that scared little boy come out more often. All I can do is be patient/supportive & keep talking to everyone here so that I don't break apart myself.