I can't visit as often as I would like, for various reasons, so I'll try to keep this short and to the point.

In the past 8 months, I have lost the two most beloved things I have ever known in this Life.

I am struggling with this pain. The word 'Grief' is so inadequate.

I thought, last night, that maybe I just figured-out the meanings of Death-

1)The natural cessation of this Life.
2)The ending of pain and misery
3)A necessary evil, to teach us to appreciate all that Life has to offer.

These are meant to be 'Positive' things.

I have often been amazed at the reverence so many cultures have placed on Death. Egyptians, Mayan/Aztec/Inca/American Indian/Hindu/Buddha/etc., etc....

In reading through my many years of personal notes/Journal entries, I realized that I spent far too much time worrying about petty things.
I did not spend as much time reveling in the important things. Namely, my Loved Ones....

Now, I am alone in this Life.

Lord-and-Lady Bless and keep me, that I have finally found a meaningful reason to carry-on.

Life is meant to LIVE!

To appreciate each and every dawn/dusk. Each mouthful of food. Each swallow of water. A warm place to sleep.

God/Goddess, but I hope I haven't learned this lesson too late...

I pray every night that I will be found worthy of being reunited with my Loved Ones, when it comes my time to pass-on.

Carry on fellow Survivors!

*Warm Nuzzles* of equine affection and appreciation.


Esse Quam Videri
(To be, rather than to seem)