There is something that has bothered me my whole marriage. Actually both my marriages but I just figured it out tonight at the MS group meeting here in town. Whenever my wife would make some comment indicating she was "in the mood" or something like that I would freeze right up. It had always bothered me but I never gave it much thought. I just assumed it was because... Well never mind that.
Anyway in talking with the guys in group tonight one of the guys said he had been dating but unsuccessuflly because if the girl was agressive ot made some move on him he would just freeze up because when he was 11 he was raped and knife point by an older guy. It just hit me all of a sudden. My dad was always the initiator. I was always helpless in bed and he was always coming to me and would just start doing stuff.
I freeze up because of the forwardness of that approach triggering me. I don't like someone coming onto me that way it takes me back to when I was helpless in the dark to the advances of my dad. I really do hope I can get over this cause having to fight through that feeling in order to be intimate with my wife is very uncomfortable.