I'm not sure I will ever know the details. Like I said it won't be at his expense. I really didn't think about it being worse then I imagined....gives me something to think on. I know I am mad, can't imagine it being worse, but your thoughts are sure welcomed and I thank you.

Hubby is very good at ignoring his mom when he needs to so I'm sure that is where we are going to be at for awhile. He will be seeing the therapist Next week. I went this morning. It was nice to get some of it out. She thinks we should get a no contact order for the guy so he won't come bug us if Hubby does decide to start dealing with any of this and talk with his mother. We both are scared to death of the predator. I don't think he'll take to kindly to anyone trying to stop him or muck up his way of life. I know there is a time limit for such things....is there anyone on here that did turn in someone years later that may have some advice for me I wonder??

Thanks for all the support and kind words. It's very nice to have. I'm glad he does finally feel love and support, it's always been here....

Life is to short to blend in