It's taken me a while to get back to this thread...been busy lately. So an update:

When i opened this thread it was in my mind because of some of the warnings i received, that there was a high level of censorship on this site, and, since i had not yet talked about it on a personal level, but was caught up in arguing my views on why freedom of speech should never be limited, so it appeared as though my entire agenda was, i'm not sure..atheism taking over MS? lol

Since i opened this thread though i have read a few posts and seen them remain and come to realize this site isn't quite as big on censorship as i had been thinking.

I have been impressed with the restraint i have observed by the mods as far as letting people express what they feel they need to express.
My fears about them were unfounded. Sorry mods. \:\(

I'm glad though that i started this thread because it made me do some thinking about my way of speaking of Christianity as an a corporation, ..the problem is that it isn't an entity but a large collection of entities--like a corporation, but like a corporation, the entity doesn't usually well represent the will of the majority of it's constituents.

I can see how things aren't much different now in the religion dept than they were in the time when Jesus was dealing with the crappyness of the religious institutions of his day. Anyway, point being that i realize now that it's as stupid of me to rant about 'Christianity' because of the beliefs of certain parts of Christianity as it would be for someone to call
Taoism stupid because of certain part of it's constituency..and there are some silly ones.

Perhaps instead of Christianity i should say fundamentalism, or exotericism...i don't even think that's a word, but maybe it should be..

But i'm really reconsidering whether i should be against anything at all in the world. What's good is what is in harmony with the laws of nature, and what isn't in harmony with the laws of nature won't last anyway. The black and the white will always be might as well learn to love them both if you can.

I think that's part of my fascination with BDSM , but now i really digress.
Peace, love,

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