Hey !
SInce my last message I have had a weird dream/astral connexion with V.
He was in a café in St Germain des Prés in Paris (near my university) and I was walking outside towards people he had interviewed for his master research in psychology (he actually did his master thesis and interviewed people for that). I decided to walked back and return later. At this point the people had left and he walked out of the café, saw me and stood there looking at me silent (I have had two previous dreams last year where he asked to see me and then remained silent and motionless). Anyway he had an horrible moustache that did not fit him at all (the Spanish kind, black and really thin).
After that my dream went to another section where he was riding a horse and kind of bringing it back to the stable. I was invited to see the scene though I did not understand why.
I have a feeling the dream is connected to V regaining his masculine self and being more able to chanel his testosterone. His masculinity was really damaged by his crazy incestuous mother who wanted him to be gay so that she would not have a woman as a rival.
What do you think of this dream ?

Mitakuye oyasin ! We are all related !