As a result of my struggles within recruit training due stressful incidents i shut down and numbed out due to emotional overload as a result of highly overwhelming pressure.

I was sent to MTU (motivational training unit) X3 and "ordered" to perform rifle arobics ...jumping jacks,running in place and push-ups....i was subjected to physical/emotional abuse,pushed to exhaustion given no water and i could not breath or catch my breath therefore i was screamed at,ridiculed and to the point i would collapse ( literally ) and fall on the floor and told "cooper you're a fuckin failure" and failed to pass this phase and will be repeating this again".

From this day forward i was sent back to my barracks/company to perform yet again MTU.

I was filled with horror and unbearable fear.The next day i was spit in my face pushed to the ground feeling hopeless and thought i would die,somehow the instructors terminated this phase of "training" and shortly thereafter i was wsent to the uss iwo jima from there i was processed out of the navy and had more issues on my boat then snet to tpu (transient personel unit) at the naval base on norfolk virginia.

Does this fall under being traumatized and abused because it was horrible for me as i mentioned i was shipped out of the military and from there sent home and for many many years BEFORE the memoires re-surfaced from the csa i supressed until i was ready to be given the courage to face my abuse and i strongly beleive this is what caused and triggered the trauma from not only in my childhood but once again in the navy.

Anyway any help and/or advice would really help.I believe i should be compensated for the horror i was put through....does this make sense i know it does to me but from an outside perspective would make it a little clearer.


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