this was the one time i didn't want to participate. mark was great about telling me what he was going to do before he did it. i appreciated that. he even told me if it was going to hurt. it wasn't that this time it was going to hurt. i just didn't want to make this video because this was the first time that it was for the business and not just for fun. of all the videos it was the easiest physically. i just laid there. he told me that i was just a prop and the less emotion the better. it started with him introducing the topic. this was one of the few times mark was on camera with me. he was playing the role of the expert. this time the environment was so sterile. the other sets were more natural. there was one a bed room. there was on of a living room. one of a locker room. he cleared out all the warmth for this. it was clinical. white walls. steel table. i remember wondering where he got it.

before we started, i was prepped as normal. makeup. hair stylist. this time, there was no drugs. that was odd. we were usually required to prevent cumming too early. this was the first time brian helped out. he was one of the other adults who helped mark run things. we have messed around before but never on camera. brian was dressed in medical scrubs. i remember thinking that this was all very odd. and not the normal vids that we usually shot. i also started nude. for the first time i felt naked. this wasn't normal. i wasn't acting with other guys my age. i was the only kid on set. i was playing with the adults this time.

mark rattled on about how sex with younger guys can be challenging. and how there are ways to ensure success. i started out standing next to the table. brian was behind it. he snapped on medical gloves. they were dry. and his hand on my shoulder left a powder residue. mark told me to step on on the stool and lean over the edge of the table. it was cold. mark was saying that often because of the size difference between men and "younger guys" its really important to have them relaxed. and that there will be a greater success in anal penetration if the guy is properly loosened. he goes on to say that if you just start having anal sex with him, it can do damage and make him less likely to enjoy it. he then gives the step by step instructions on how to use your fingers to loosen up a guys ass. brian demonstrates. "be sure to rub his back if he tenses up." "its important to let his body allow you inside him. don't force it."

mark then told me to lay on the table on my side. brain continued to finger me. mark narrated that this is a more comfortable position and can be done while you are snuggling or laying down before bed.

i rolled over my feet hung off the end. my hands were at my sides. mark moved on to talking about oral sex. and how great it is to have a smaller partner because you can usually fit both his penis and balls in your mouth. brian demonstrated this as well. i closed my eyes and gritted my teeth. mark would be mad if i shot my load. i had to be extra careful because i didn't have chemical help.

mark then talked about anal sex and how there are a number of different positions. not all positions are good for smaller guys. "for example, the smaller guy shouldn't ride on top because his weight cant always create enough force for him to lower himself on your penis." another example is traditional among guys. brian lifted my legs to simulate how they would be they were on the shoulders of someone. he pushed a dildo inside of me. mark was saying that a young guy could feel like he is being crushed in this position, though it is the easiest position for anal sex. mark told me to roll over and get on all 4s. brian again put the dildo in. mark said that this is the best position for a smaller guy. he said that typically it is more painful on the bottom but to just go slowly. it also is the position that the top had more control and can hold his hips im place.

i sat up on the table. mark told the viewers that after sex, younger guys like to be held. another nice thing is a bath where you clean him. he then reiterated how it is important to go slow. that even though you want to just jump right to the anal sex, there are steps you need to take to prevent damage. let his body tell you the right speed for him. both of you will enjoy it more.

i tuned out the rest. my part was done. after everyone was finished cleaning and left for the day, i was waiting around for mark to give me a ride home. he asked if i had fun. i lied and said i did. he said that i "made him so hot." and that through he whole thing all he was thinking about was having sex with me. i laughed. and he led me to the set where we just finished shooting. he bent me over the table and had sex with me... breaking most of his rules.