I was feeling low one night on the anniversary of a terrible event in my life, I just thought that I needed to talk to someone.

So I googled some places and yeah, they are shut at night, so I found one that was open, so I called and a woman answered, nicely, politely and she sounded like she cared.

So, as I went through stuff with her, I did tell her that I dont expect her to help me, but just to listen and stuff, so that is what she did, and I guess it was good to just talk with her.

She asked me in the course of the conversation, where I found their number, and I said it was something I remember from my GPs surgery.

Then she said to me something peculiar, she said it was a line for people with mental health problems, so I challenged her as to what a mental health problem might be, if mine wasnt.

My fault, is that I am always so laid back talking, and ppl think nothing is going on when it is, but it is a coping mechanism.

I said to her, after telling her about my child life, that, has she ever talked to an abuse survivor?

She said no! I was not angry, but I asked her if she would class me as somebody who would ring their number to find help!

She was nice to talk to, and maybe I talked too long, and she had other calls, but to see abuse subject as past and should be forgotten was a total no-no.

I like to think that I put her on a learning curve as I told her what abuse does to an adult and child, and she said ring again, if I feel bad, but nah, I wont ring them again, until I start banging my head on a cell door,


Whoever stole the Sun, put it back and we'll drop all the charges!