Having repressed the rape for many years, practically 20 some years, I have been meditating and working hard to bring peace back into my mind. In my process, I have seen the rape occur over and over again.

I decided, since I am a composer and going to school for a degree in music composition, to write a piece about the rape.

It's called "Flashback".

This is how I can tell the story and hopefully alert people to the reality of Male raped victims. Especially the Youth. I was probably only 8 when it happened and my life has been in fear ever since.

I hope to bring peace of mind back. My good friend has given me sessions on how to clear the mind of junk and bring peace and love back into my heart and mind. I owe her so much because it really works.

The movements are:

  • Innocence
  • The Dark Room
  • The Rape
  • Suffering
  • Life After

Here's a direct link to the mp3 file:

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