-I dreamed about me sucking my father dick a couple of weeks ago. In the dream, he was nacked in front of me and I wanted so much to suck is dick(it was very intense) and I finaly suck it. When I was doing it, I was having the best feeling ever.

-This week, I dreamed about my father again. He was in front of me and I went on my knees, I've put is pant down and start sucking is dick. Again, it was the best feeling ever.

-A couple of months ago, I dreamed about me getting suck by an old womenfor a couple of minute and after that by another one and I ejaculate in her mouth. In the dream, I was orrified, but I did it because a man in the same room ask me to go see those 2 70 years old women.

-I did another dream a couple of months ago to. I went in an helicopter with a man. We talk a bit, and he kiss me. Then I stop him and then, I got a feeling realy realy scary and I wish no body to feel that. I got that feeling because I realise that He was gonna raped me. Then, I decided to continu kissing him and again, It was the best feeling ever. After that, I think he raped me.

In the last 2 years, I almost stated to prostitute myself 2 time beacause I thought It was the best thing I could do with my life, I thougt nothing could make me happyer than that.

-I always wanted to get rapped and thinking about being raped make me horny.

-Sometime I just want so much to get fuck by a man or to suck alot of dick and to swollow everithing.

Usualy, when my girlfriend take the control of the situation when we are having sexe, I loss my erection and i got a little boy scary face.

-But im straight, i have a girlfriend and I love her.
I know i'm not gay and she know to. She think my father raped me when I was 3-4 years old, but I dont remember.

I need to remember and I need help.

I hope someone will understand me.