Wow! I'm overwhelmed. Y'all are terrific, and I really appreciate all you've had to say. I see parallels with many of you and have learned so much from so many of you over the last two years. I do have an understanding of much of my past, but I think it is about time for me to spend nearly all my time in the present. I think I've mined that particular spot for all that I can learn and apply to make the rest of my life better.
I, too, am much more openly emotional than I was before all of this. I'm more open to others as well. My life is better than it was when I was so buttoned up.
Next week when I see my T, I'm going to explore with him what he thinks we still need to work on, and his answer will help me decide what to do next.
I'm stronger than I've ever been before in my life (way stronger than I was at 13), but I do recognize that many of the impacts from those days are still with me. I'm learning to recognize it when the way I feel comes from that, and I'm learning to deal with it more effectively.
A lot of that has come from things I've learned from my brothers here, and I thank you all for that.