Hi I am 32 now and my abuse started when I was six and lasted for 7-8 years. My abuser was my brother whom is 9 years older then I am.

My abuse started with him showing me pornography, then that led to touching, oral sex, and penetration.

I have a wonderful wife and children that stand behind me. And I feel fortunate to find a counselor that actually helps.

I deal with a lot of post traumatic stress, and suffer panic attacks daily. I also am right now facing a lot of anger towards my brother. I don't know what to do with.

It seems my brother doesn't understand the impact that this has had on me. I have talked to my brother several times, he admits to it, but still does not grasp what he has done. And he show’s no real forgiveness. He never asks if he can help me. And he does not seem to think he needs to get help himself.

This is all I can say right now…I am really lost.