I was abused by two large men who were following the training of a very old man.

Many of the methods they used, , , seem to resemble torture and brainwashing that Prisoners of War sometimes go through. Only they were never interrigating me, they wanted to condition me to keep their secret for life, they wanted to force me to force my self to forget it ever happened, and for a long while it worked. I repressed the memory I forgot what happened, and I suddenly became very messed up in many ways with no explanation.

Another thing is that they used some cerimonial words in a solomn and reverent way at one point. But not like anything you see in the movies much simpler and less dramatic, but I could tell it was important to them, like a kind of prayer.

The exact details of the abuse are not important for this thread.

The point is these people had some kind of religion of sorts that, required secrecy, and occasionally abducting young people, violently sexually abussing them, showing kindness mixed with other methods to convert/brainwash or repress memories. And then at the end they use some kind of religious cerimony, simple and to them and sacred, they said some kind of prayer over me or made some oaths or something.

Now ,after much research, I realize that in most cases of 'Satanic Sexual abuse' the Police investigation proves the victim to be, a true victim of sexual abuse in a repressive family that became delusional but was only sexually abused by some close trusted family member. The Police investigation ofen also finds groups of teenagers acting alone trying to roleplay out what they saw on some movie. Most of the so called 'Satanic' Murders involving disturbed teenagers or adults usually find no evidence or trace of a larger group of people, ie. there is no cult, just a deranged individual who has taken a serious intrest in 'Satanic' things. These are the most common ones the Police investigate.

However it has been proven that small religious movements exist that focus on sexuallity, a 'so called' sexual cult. Some members of these have been prosecuted for sexual crimes but becuase of obscure and unclear legal grounds, the rest of the small cult is only investigated if the Police have proof of involvement in the sexual crime (the US Supreme Court has been progressively upholding more and more kinds of unconventional sexual behavior). It has been proven that these groups exist, they are few in number, and there are different kinds.

I just need help identifying whether or not my abusers were part of a larger organization. A sexual cult that abucts/kidnaps and then brainwashes and then lets the victim go.

There are also sexual cults that are mostly harmless and would never play part in a forced sexual crime, one example would be a few branches of Wicka, (the witches) , , they seek to gather Magik Energy through sexual rites, but almost always with consenting adults. It's wierd but it's not exactly abuse.

SO can anyone else who has been abused by a true sexual cult please respond here and maybe share your storie. I want to find the Bastard who did this to me, I was age 25 before the memories came back like a hammer over my head! If you know any true leads please post them here.

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