I'm 45 now and it all started when I was 11. I came from a family with 4 brothers, and I was the youngest. My oldest brother 16, was the first to start. He would make me fondle him and eventually make me perform orally on him. He must of told our next oldest brother 15, so then I would have to do the same thing to him. I didn't get any attention from my parents, so I guess I welcomed the attention. After a few months they started penetration. I remember them calling me into their bedrooms, and I would go. I didn't realize it was wrong until much later. It stopped when I was about 15. I was very confused at this time, was I gay or straight? To this day I'm very confused. I'm on my 2nd marriage to the most wonderful and undertanding person in the world. I have been able to open up to her and let her know all the things that have happened to me, and she is still here, helping me cope with a lot of issues. I am currently trying to find a therapist that can help me deal with this.