It will be 21 years this Thanksgiving that I started on the recovery process. Intially, as I began to admit the abuse there was a certain level of relief and hope that I hadn't experienced. I'm not certain how young I was when this began (2-3)years old. Pulling out preschool records and reading them, one could tell I didn't have much of a chance in life! My uncle had previously served 2 prison sentences for sexual abuse towards other individuals. What my mom and dad where thinking of bringing him around has baffled me at times! Nevertheless, he worked me over the years 100's of times and places! His physical-sexual exploits stopped around 15 years old. He continued being verbally-sexually manipulative with me till my 2nd year of college and then it stopped. My life has been about sex!
Because of my religious background it has made it also challenging. Trust!!! Feeling Powerless!!! Concept of God!!! Etc. A constant sense of just not really knowing what to do with my life. Not much Direction, especially related towards a career. Even certain successes are diminished by the low self-worth I experience.
In spite of the issues I deal with, I think I've tried to be very aggressive in understanding and proceding forward as I manage the adversity.