Well guys, I woke up on the good side of bed for a change today because I went to bed last night reminding myself that it wasn't my fault that my innocence was stolen from me. I deserve more.

I deserve the nice things in life, I deserve to treat myself, I deserve to stay up until two and sleep in til noon if I want to, to stay in bed all day if I want to... because that little boy inside me didn't get what he needed in terms of love, respect, kindness... how the fuck do you quantify that loss of innocence??? How can it ever be made up with treating yourself to nice things??? I guess it can't... but I know I deserve these things now. I'm not a whiny victim. I'm a survivor with hope. And I'm not going to deny myself anymore.

Thanks for letting me vent/ramble.

Have a good day guys -- treat yourselves to something today, even if you think you don't deserve it, because you do!

Best Regards, Darren.

“Now and then we had a hope that if we lived and were good, God would permit us to be pirates” -Mark Twain