I have such a hard time when my fiancee asks /and or eats(although not all the time)chocolate and i f$#^ hate what i do to myself mentally because i create and make myself nuts with scenarios that i cannot rid myself to distract my thoughts in which she is an adult yet mentally i struggle with this.

I'm trying to " tie in " the lack of control into the subject however do i think this way because i do in fact have control issues

do i really feel powerless

how do i allow her to be who she is without making myself crazy

are there ways to deal with these thoughts

last night we were in the store and yet again i watched her buy some dove chocolate.....do i need to add the details

I usually( according to what she said to me last night ) say "something" or comment on,my thoughts with her eating chocolate....i need someone elses perspective

By the way she had gastric by-pass surgery in february of 2005 and she had diabetes that is under normal limits as a result of the surgery.

We have had many many conversations about how she wants(including myself)she wants/needs to make better choices where food is concerned.However things are ok for a little while and she(as well as myself) go back to eating sweets.....cookies,donuts...etc etc .....

PLEASE HELP ME i can't take it and if i really look at why i do this to myself i'm sure i want the control because i had none as a child....does this make any sense...any feedback(reagrdless of how or what is said from all of you(men of course)afterall i desire some form of support otherwise "things" will essentially change for better/worse....who knows


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