Has anyone else been treated for rem sleep disorder?
I've been working through abuse issues with a therapist and was subsequently diagnosed with rem sleep disorder. It involves thrashing, screaming, leaping from bed, breaking things, lashing out at anyone near me, and sometimes injuring myself. I awaken with no memory of the incidents and only the destruction to clean. It has been this way since I was very young and has progressed to this extreme. I also have no memory of dreaming and don't recall ever having them, except for nightmares.
My family has always just said that that was just the way I slept, and I have lost partners over it. I have started treatment with chlonazepem and I enter rem sleep, but it is just horrible nightmares and I wake up terrified. I found out that this disorder can lead to severe injury for others and myself and even progress to suicide, all while asleep. I am scheduled to review a sleep clinic in several days and am afraid of the whole ordeal.

Does anyone have any experience withthis and/or treating it?


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