Put a band-aid on it, Doc, and make it go away
Ain't got time to heal it up. Got lots to do today.
Just splash on some merthiolate, or iodine or such,
I'll get real busy doing things, and it won't hurt me much.

If it starts to fester, I'll come back in here again
It's happened to me once or twice, and prob'ly will again.
I cut myself and bump myself, and fall down in the dirt
But I ain't got the time to stop, 'cause something starts to hurt.

So, slap a big'un on there, Doc, to soak up all the pain
I'd like to talk about it, but there's too much to explain
I know I should sit down a while and have it tended to
But life goes by fast, and hits you hard, so a band-aid's gotta do.

I'm healing now, and I wasn't sure I would.