I've seen and agreed with the posts on the wonderful Mysterious Skin, but haven't seen any talk of these three.
(a) The Boys of St Vincent. This is a Canadian made-for-TV film in two parts that I caught on Sky (satellite) recently on the channel True Movies (most of which are unwatchable crap). It's apparently pretty closely based on truth. Part 1 is about the abuse and coverup at a Catholic orphanage in Newfoundland -triggering. Part 2 is about how it came out years later, and the comeuppance of the main abusing priest, now married. This isn't a cinematic film, but there's much good about it - well-acted and sensitive, showing the damage done to the boys, and notably portraying the priest as a complex personality. Definitely triggering, but definitely worth watching if you're able to.
(b) The Lost Son. Starts off well with good actors - modern day seedy French private eye in seedy London. He finds a CSA video and with the help of his heart-of-gold call-girl girlfriend (!) manages to rescue all the kids from an international ring. It's absurdly unrealistic, gives no insight into anything about CSA, and has a nasty edge to it that would make even Michael Winner ashamed. Not to be watched.
(c) Anyone catch the recent 1-off true drama (not a film) on the minor British channel More4, called Forgiveness or Forgiven, or something like that, about the effect on a wife & mother of her husband's abuse of their daughter? Quite thought-provoking. It ended with the husband voluntarily entering serious therapy, shown to be no soft touch. The closing credits revealed that the family is still together, and also that the therapy unit has been closed down because of local opposition, which is understandable but sad: I agree with thoughts expressed in another forum that it's better for abusers to try therapy when they come out of prison than not.

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