Hey everyone,

There is this group called Seven and the Sun unfortunatly they're no longer together but they put out this cd called "Back to the Innocence" the title track for the cd could really suit everyone here in my opinion. I'll write some of the lyrics here:

Back to the Innocence:

Who stole the magic from your eyes?
Who was that thief?
Who filled your head with all those lies
And took away your innocence?


Never Let'em push us down
Never Let'em kick us around
Never Let'em take our pride
Or take away our innocence


So cold, So numb, Such distractions
So filled With empty words And actions
Who stole the magic from your smile?
Who was that thief?
Who made you feel so unworthwhile
And took away your innocence?


Now who's the one, that told you,
you're the only one sufferin'
All around the world, Everybody feeling it
Feeling high, Feeling low
Not every but knows just where to go
And who's the one that told you
that one life can't make a difference
Higher people know
One life can move a mon-a-tain
Look without, Look within
When the student's heart is open
then the teacher will begin


Don't play it safe standing for nothing
Better to die fighting for something


Where's your heart at?
Where's your mind at?
Where's your soul at?
Come on, come on

Talk to you later,