Hey Everyone,

I've been considering posting this for awhile because I'm not sure how I could explain it without being to graphic so I decided only to make reference to what I experienced and hope everyone can understand.

It happened after I got home from hanging out with some friends from work so I was really relaxed and accepted (that's when flash backs happen right?) well anyway I'm laying in bed about to fall asleep and for no reason at all very disturbing images of being forced to have oral sex started flashing before my eyes also as well as seeing it I felt stuff in my mouth and I kept on gagging. I didn't know if I was bringing this on myself or if it was actually real. All I know is that at the end of it I was trying to force myself to throw up and washing it out with mouth wash. Everytime I describe it outloud to someone I start crying and can't help but think how small my mouth was then.

I sorry that's all I can write about it I'm getting sick right now.