Hello all.

When a relationship is being tested with all of this stuff we are all going through, it can be rough. It's confusing. It's exhausting. Sometimes you just want to yell at your partner. Sometimes you just want to give up. Sometimes you just want to walk out the door and not return. You just want somebody to blame. You want somebody to pay. You want somebody to notice how inside you feel hollow and dead.

Just returned from a getaway with husband for a few days. It was wonderful.

It is the first time in a year I have been happy. Things aren't all better and we're a long way from normal, but today I feel equipped to face the day.

Last night I watched Warm Springs with my husband. It's a movie about Franklin D. Roosevelt starring Kenneth Brannagh and Cynthia Nixon about his struggles (both physical and mental) dealing with his handicap from polio. (My husband and I are history buffs) He retreats to a warm mineral spring in Georgia where he eventually regains the ability to walk during a time when polio patients were not rehabilitated. He goes on to become president of the United States at a crucial time.

It was a moving depiction of the human spirit.

His perserverance reminded me of you all & what you are overcoming- having the courage to draw your boundries with wacko family members, protecting your children by stepping into independence, becoming vulnerable in relationships by really becoming honest about the most difficult issues, standing by your partner and supporting them as the crime committed against them could become public...

You are all moving depictions of the human spirit.

We all are.

May you all have a refreshing week.


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