Hey everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that the other night when I was asleep I had a dream that to me was the first clear flashback I've had since I've started to try and remember what happened to me. Till that night things have been coming just in symbolic form including one where I had to try and pick a time to get my oil changed. The time I picked was 3:30 (you'll see why I mention that as I described my experience of that night)

So anyway on to the dream:

I'm not sure how it actually started but it was in first person point of view the entire dream. There kinda was a narrator that would either state something or pose a question before the scene in the dream appeared(the narrator was a adult male voice). The first thing I heard was the voice saying "I made the bed now so nothing can be seen" after this was said I saw a image of my childhood bedroom at night, I saw my old twin bed I had when I was little and the bed was made but there was either something or someone under the covers and on top of the covers was a larger version of a stuffed bunny rabbit I had. The next thing that happened was the voice said "I'm surprised the way he's handling this" the next thing I saw was me jumping into my parents bed like any kid would but as I jumped in I laid face down toward the pillow when I laying down I felt a presence climb into the bed next to me, me feeling disgusted and screaming "Get Away From Me!" Then I heard the voice say "You never had a choice" Then I had a really fast flash of this hot grill that is used at my work then I felt intense pain shoot through my whole body. Then I woke up

Since this was a long post I decided to break up the dream and the aftermath of when I woke up into 2 seperate parts. The aftermath will be in part 2