Into the dark abyss
of emptiness I go
Falling deeper inside myself ~
the greatest shame I know.

Hopelessness engulfs me
in ways I cant express
Say goodbye to joy and laughter
and hello to emptiness.

Shame has joined me in despair
asks me "who's to blame"?
Me, for letting it happen to me
or them for all this pain.

I can't bear the painful thoughts
their touch, their breath, their fists
With no one to hear my cries for help
I slip into my abyss.

It's there I can escape from them
and the memories that remain
Of the touch, the look, the feel of them
and their gift to me of shame.

But though I run, I cannot hide
the pain is everywhere
I just want to forget all I feel
and sink deeper into despair.

Oh please I beg, make me forget
the memories and the pain
The betrayal of trust and loss of me
into the abyss of shame.

i like the rain cause no one knows im crying

a strong man is one who is able to control himself when he is angry
what is your definiton of control?

i lay awake another hour
just like the one before
the shadows play a game with my head
i can't take this anymore