Many of you will recall that we recently had a spirited discussion on a thread in which I brought up asking people to join MS/NOMSV in order to post here. The Board of Directors met a few weeks ago, and your thoughtful replies made us decide that the way to go is to encourage people to join but to give them the option to remain as guests as long as they need/desire. Members of MS/NOMSV (and remember, those who do not feel they can afford our low fees can join through offering work instead of cash) will have access to private member Forums. There, you will know that your posts can only be read by people who have joined MS/NOMSV. Therefore, we have some identifying information about these people and you may be more assured that impostors or predators cannot see your posts. Those who wish to remain guests may do so in the Public Forums, which will operate exactly as they have been.

We are still tinkering with this system, so it may change somewhat, but these are the parameters.

We are hoping to think of other inducements to join. One of the reasons it is important that we have a larger member base is that we are applying for grants, and we are much more credible if we have larger numbers. But also, our operations cost a lot to run, and membership dollars are important!

Please join MaleSurvivor as soon as you feel OK about doing so!

Richard Gartner
President, MaleSurvivor/NOMSV