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#17203 - 04/30/06 11:44 PM Re: Used in porn
shadowkid Offline
WARNING from ModTeam, September 2013: user "Shadowkid" was exposed as a hoaxer. His entire online persona and stories of sexual abuse were fiction. We encourage you not to become emotionally concerned by anything you see in any of his posts. Thank you

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another thing that bothers me is if someone watched theses videos they would see a kid who looks like he is going along with it ,not being forced.but the forcing had already happened ,what you see is a kid who has given up and given in .all the fight was gone by then .shadow

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#17204 - 05/01/06 12:44 AM Re: Used in porn
reality2k4 Offline

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thinking along the same lines, it is kids who are in poverty or dysfuncional families who get sucked in by money, or worse, looking for attention.

Those type of videos are openly shared on P2P programmes which I would not install on my machine even though most of my music is only available having that software.

Authorities will be tracking perps swapping these videos, and a perps lust for more and more makes them open to being hauled in some time down the line.

That is when the cops delve into all of their contacts and haul them in too.

It is immensely difficult to take computer crime to a court, because those in charge of investigating it do not know how to put forward a case through not knowing the system.

Just think about how many cops or attorneys know enough about computers, and what tracks they leave and where to look?
This is a tool often exploited by perps,


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#17205 - 05/01/06 01:52 AM Re: Used in porn
Nobbynobs Offline

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Originally posted by roadrunner:
I understand what you mean bro, but isn't that a rational response? In emotional terms the question would be how it FEELS to know that pervs using pictures of child abuse to get off may well have some showing you. In a way, isn't that a terrible repetition of the abuse, one that the survivor can never stop?

I just suggest this as a way of understanding how terrible susvivors (rightly) feel when they know there are pictures of them "out there".

Much love,
It doesn't feel like anything. I accept that my perp took pictures and probably shared them. (he is probably regretting sharing him now that I have told the police about them) My biggest fear is what Adam says below, that other kids will see those pictures and think that I went along with it. But my perp showed me pictures of other kids, and I feel no sense of being betrayed by those poor kids, so maybe that fear is unfounded.

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#17207 - 05/01/06 10:39 PM Re: Used in porn
roadrunner Offline
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I think it's one of those things that lies beyond explanation, though I have tried to explain that lost and "giving up" feeling to my wife, parents, and a few friends and it seemed that they were trying to understand.

That said, I'm not sure I understand it myself. My experience of it was that all the abuser had to do was pull up in his car and tell me to get in. I used to think I just didn't care anymore - I just "knew" I was that worthless. But maybe it was a feeling of despair - that nothing was going to change. No one knew, I was all alone. I'm not sure anymore.

Much love,

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#17208 - 05/02/06 04:09 AM Re: Used in porn
RICK57 Offline

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The perv that got his claws into me never did it with pictures of other kids!

It was more psychological, like giving me sweets, fruit, money, use of air rifles, a pen knife that I cut myself with testing that it was sharp.

The 'games' all started after the indoctrination!

Whatever they did to us, they would do to others, that is not our fault. The only person/s at fault are the abusers!

Best wishes ..Rik

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