Quite frankly i have so many emotions going on at once these days i can't tell whether i'm coming or going.I do however know whatever it is i'm going through(feeling disgusted,weak,dirty,angry...etc etc) is only going to lighten the load when i am ready and not before.If this site did not exist and not including therapy i think i would have went insane.

I am thoroughly convinced the meds i'm on keep me together otherwise i'm not sure what i'd do to myself or others especially.

One thing is certain though and it's how i deal with the "emotions" that surface in how i process them or,for whatever reason,avoid them altogether or i will go crazy.

Lately things have overwhelmed me so much i want to scream.I wish i was a sociopath therefore i would not have to "feel"..I'm uneasy in my skin and feel as though my skin is crawling.This is on a good day.It will diminish alot sooner when i either allow the process to work or i give up fighting.


" You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have "