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#165223 - 07/07/07 01:20 PM Culture of abuse?
Lazarus Offline

Registered: 07/01/07
Posts: 851
Loc: Below the radar, USA
Back in the early 60's in New Orleans where I grew up, it seems like there was a subculture where CSA was practiced regularly. In retrospect, it seems like it was pretty pervasive. It's as though the general social attitude was "as long as you don't do MY kids, it's none of my business." These days, even the suspicion of CSA brings the whole world crashing down on the head of the abuser. Back then, when abusers were caught, often it was just swept under the rug and never talked about. At least, not in front of the kids (like me).

I know for a fact that there was a man we called "Uncle Jim" who lived just down the street from us, and who actually had a "playroom" in his barn where he would abuse young girls. One of my sisters was repeatedly abused by this man, and my other sister probably was too, although she remembers nothing. Eventually he was found out and his barn mysteriously burned down, and he moved shortly thereafter never to be heard of again. But I suspect he just moved his shop to a new location.

I was never part of this abuse (I guess he didn't like boys, thank God) but I was abused by 4 different people with no apparent connection to each other.

This makes me wonder just how widespread unreported, unpunished and un-stopped CSA was back then?

I'm certainly glad that this is not tolerated anymore. Does anyone else have similar suspicions or evidence of widespread, organized sexual abuse back in the 60's? If I could prove this (even if just to myself) it would answer a lot of questions.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


"That which does not kill us, surely makes us stonger." - Neitsche

#165238 - 07/07/07 03:52 PM Re: Culture of abuse? [Re: Lazarus]
emptydreamer Offline

Registered: 05/19/07
Posts: 276
Loc: Midwest USA
Hello Lazarus, I have learned a lot in the short time I have been on this path to healing. One thing I learned is that CSA is not a new problem. It has been known, and documented for Hundreds, if not thousands of years. These sick people have been on the earth a long time, and It is something that often gets passed down from generation to generation. I'm not sure of any explosion of CSA in the 60's, but that doesn't mean that there wasn't one. Even now, in 2007, it is a topic that gets far too little attention.
Best wishes and warmest regards,

I'm here for a reason. Failure is not an option.

#165245 - 07/07/07 04:14 PM Re: Culture of abuse? [Re: emptydreamer]
Hauser Offline

Registered: 11/12/05
Posts: 2963
Loc: United States
Lazarus, Roadrunner (he's not much older than you I think) has made NUMEROUS references to the notion that back in those days, perps were like phantoms, moving from town to town and never getting pinned down.

"I'm glad he didn't like boys".........yeah I hear you there!

#165249 - 07/07/07 05:42 PM Re: Culture of abuse? [Re: Hauser]
Xavier91 Offline

Registered: 06/11/07
Posts: 84
I don't know about the 60's esp cause I wasnt yet born then..
But I wouldnt say a culture of abuse... Subcultures... yes.
I was abused by a lot of different man... but that was because my 'mother' would trade me for drugs and money and such.
I do think police and government do more against it then in the 60's though... but not nearly enough.
Esp. not if posession of drugs, to name something, gets more years in jail then possesion of childporn or even r*pe.
I guess it was also more of a taboo in the 60's then it is now.


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#165264 - 07/07/07 08:43 PM Re: Culture of abuse? [Re: Xavier91]
sabata Offline

Registered: 08/08/06
Posts: 1950
I Recall......when i was a of a man in another town...........who slept with far as i know nothing was done about it...i do recall hearing about this one boy about 14 allways getting in trouble..........yet all you could hear was the fact that he was sleeping with this man...........such a troubled boy...........but yet it continued on............nothing was done about it..........just poeple talking was as if it was the boys fault

#165282 - 07/08/07 12:30 AM Re: Culture of abuse? [Re: sabata]
roadrunner Offline
Administrator Emeritus

Registered: 05/02/05
Posts: 22045
Loc: Carlisle, PA

I think it's pretty clear that CSA was common in the 60s, but way underreported. The bastard who abused me between 1959 and 1963 was a Scout leader, and a friend of mine and I were abused together for a year beginning when I was 13 and he was 12. Two years ago we talked about things and came up with a list of other boys we think the perp also abused - it amounted to about a third of the Scout troop. The perp's son refused to attend his funeral, by the way.

Many of the clerical abusers exposed in recent years had records going back decades; the Church just kept shuffling them around to new locations where they weren't known. In one book I read it also talked about perps who get through hundreds of boys over long spans of time; the cops bust them and head straight for their PC, which sometimes contains lists of the victims: names, ages, private attributes, and what the abuser did with them - a kind of sick trophy book.

Much love,

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#165283 - 07/08/07 12:30 AM Re: Culture of abuse? [Re: sabata]
WalkingSouth Offline

Registered: 08/30/05
Posts: 16270
Loc: Waldport, Oregon

That's one I have no proof on, but I would say yes, this subculture did exist. We know it exists today, mostly via the internet and the "boylover" sites. It's horrifying, terrifying, abhorant, and disgusting, but yet it exists. No reason to believe that there was not a network even then.


"Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting 'Holy Shit! What a ride!'" ~Hunter S. Thompson

#165296 - 07/08/07 01:26 AM Re: Culture of abuse? [Re: WalkingSouth]
RICK57 Offline

Registered: 12/31/03
Posts: 1611
Others have posted on this site about institutionalised abuse in the past - this was in the UK (I know that it was the case). This occurred in what at the time were called 'care'homes. There was even a drama/documentary on television regarding this topic ( it was excellent, the way that it was portrayed even though it was very upsetting to watch).

I believe that in my town of population approx 15k at the time, that there was only one perv that abused outside of the family (the one I unfortunately met) - how many abused within the family, I don't know (although I do know now that there was at least one, with several victims).

It's obvious now, that the church in general had a broom that swept many cases under the carpet, so who knows what the total is!?

Best wishes ...Rik

*Never look down on anybody unless you're helping them up.
*I was seeking a way of expressing my anger - I found hope!
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#165384 - 07/08/07 04:19 PM Re: Culture of abuse? [Re: RICK57]
ecb Offline

Registered: 02/04/03
Posts: 205
I can't speak to the 60's necessarily, but rather the 80's (it's relevant simply to know if this was how it was in the 80's then it was at least as bad in the 60' least that's how it's relevant in my own mind...) \:\)

Anyhow, my mother told me that she learned I was being abused and that she got me out of there right away (I was only two, and don't really remember) but that she never reported it because "It just wasn't something that you reported back in those days."

While horrifying that this was the prevailing thought at the time, I'm just glad to see that it is changing.

I have no idea if this post was relevant, but it's what came to my mind reading this thread...

#165390 - 07/08/07 04:52 PM Re: Culture of abuse? [Re: ecb]
Still Offline

Registered: 02/16/07
Posts: 7011
Loc: FEMA Region 1
I know how things would have gone for all involved if I told (in the late 60s and early 70s) It would have been SO burried you'd need a back-hoe to dig it up today.

Why? My perps were of the preferred class of boys (star jocks), all headed for great things.

How do I know it? I know how things were handled when I used a knife on one of them in defense of an additional rape. And you know what??? I think it would go the SAME way today in that F-ed-up little culture.

I think these things are decided locally, and by the local prevailing culture. Some places never change!

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