it's funny but i talked about everything with the police ,i told all in court ,but it made me feel worse not better .does talking about it really help?
Talking about this realy does help.
I am so angery with the system and how they have treated you.

You shoul;d of been given professional help back when you told at the age of 13. What the system did to you was a direct violeantion of your rights. The court should of given you the help of professional Therapy as so as the court case was over.

They should of never dropped the sexual abuse charges againest him. Now he doesn't even have to register as a SEX Ofender

I think that the state should have to pay for all the professional help you need now. I would try to look for a ADVCATE to work for you all all these issues.

See if there is a Victims Advcate in your state that can help you.

You have lots of rights and most of them where violented by the system.

If i can be of any help let me know.

You went through a hellish experence as a kid and the grownups that should of helped failed you in every way popssible.
Be Strong and let all your brother here up you on your HEALING jourany.

Teach the Children to Never Hide in the Silence