Hi guys,

I read through this thread and the first thing that came to my mind is the old truth that CSA is about power more than it is about sex. Two examples:

CB, that 16-year-old was six years older than you were at the time things started, and I'm not in any doubt at all that he was manipulating and goading you on from the start. There was no parity in this relationship, and so far as I can see he played you like a fiddle. He got what he wanted. You simply got reeled it.

And Patrick, your uncle's job as an adult was to put your needs and safety first, and he didn't do that. Again, you were being played. An adult will know exactly how to lure a kid in and make him feel it's all his doing in the first place. If he had cared about you at all, then when you cuddled in for attention and affection he would have given you that instead of pushing your head where he wanted it.

You guys were all innocent kids and your cases really highlight how easy it is for an older teen or an adult to take advantage of a child, especially if the kid has unfilled emotional needs. It's just so wrong what happened to you, and no way any of it was your fault.

Much love,

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