“This Is Life As A Survivor” By: Kirk Gilbert © 2005

As the hands of time spin I feel more lost than I did the second before. The unknown chipping away at the point of insanity I sit upon. I made it through the wind to become lost in the sands of time. Sprinkling to the ground within my hand always in search of what is broken. Life so funny, oh ever so sad, I blend with the wind. I change my way before I hit with an impact ever so pure and fragile is this life, to be taken beneath so many. Amazing how we walk with the wind of life, so scared and scarred. Funny we are weeping with others lost just so. Fear not even with others we are lonely within the storm. Finding faces we have never seen before, to see ourselves. Survival within others is a healers dream to chase these fears from our depth. This is life as a survivor.

"I will never forget, nor shall I choose too remember."