“Lost Souls” By: Kirk Gilbert © 2005

I look into the eyes of lost souls to see my reflection. Seas of greens and skies of blues are seen in the mirror like image of the eyes of all. We look beyond the reflection to see the ruins of enchant lost souls and many little ones, like us, walking within the shadows. Our hearts weep to lend a hand to those in need, but they walk in shadows we have fallen within. As we all walk through this valley of hurt and death we sift through the ruble of those before us to find the strength we need to survive. Fear not little ones, for you are not alone on your journey. We will travel together till we find our eagle of brave strength. With wings of grand brilliant gold the eagle of glory will carry us far. High above the purest of white misty clouds we will soar together with the cleanest of air to intake within our very souls. Air smooth as glass itself riding safely under and with in us to a point of safety and security that will forever remain unforgotten. Our journey unclear and even unnoticed we live within the future. The past ever so clear to us and the present remains confusing and mixed up within our heads. We can still make it if we want. We can survive anything for this matter, although fearful, is never bolder than our mind within our very souls. Fear not where, when, why, and how you fell, because we can survive together.

"I will never forget, nor shall I choose too remember."