“The Grandson” By: Kirk Gilbert © 2005

Day after day and night after night I wait, I know you’re out there hunting one self like a lionesses pray. I run like a zebra, I hide like a lost painting, and I look like the thief that is on the run, but I am blind to the light of day like the dead in the ground. I try like the rain. I learn like a shy boy, I wish for a new life like the lost souls on earth. I cuss like a dangerous child, I fight for my right to live, and I cry blood from my heart to leave this hateful place.
My heart is broken, my soul has grown cold, and my body is beaten and bruised. I am used, I am forced, and I am molested. I am before my youth, you are after your time, and we share the same blood that runs through our veins. The cold in your eyes freezes my heart and paralysis’s my body in fear, the alcoholic breath you breathe that hits my face that knots within then turns my gut. I hunger, I thirst, but I am unimpaired. You are fear, you are hate, you are satin, but I don’t hate you. I pity you for how you have betrayed this child.
Why me? Is the only question I have for you grandma.

"I will never forget, nor shall I choose too remember."