“Hell Of Fire Is So Cold” By: Kirk Gilbert © 2005

Crisp leaves within a November day such as a mirror under the presser of a refection of self stupidity can hover upon the dust that has settled on a web as old as time. Darkened to hardness, with dried blood within this heart made of coal carries this soul by black wings of a demon that follows this soul in complete silence. Rivers of blood tainted with decay of wounds of death within this lonely souls fate, while drowned in a sea of blue blood that pours from this lifeless corps. What once was is no more. Life is gone. Love can not be replaced. Lava burning into this place beating ones face outside within it self to the jagged end of an anvil. Wire cuts to the bone so brittle is this soul lost with carelessness and neglect of such evil. To hell with it never to return within these shadows of death shall cook ones skin off to turn toward the Dead Sea it self. Feel this pain, and know it well to sacrifice a life without a care.

"I will never forget, nor shall I choose too remember."