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#160047 - 06/05/07 08:59 PM Re: Migraines [Re: pain4ever]
indygal Offline

Registered: 06/22/06
Posts: 439
oh jees - am sorry to hear all of you suffering like this - i, too, once suffered immeasurably from migraines, abused the otc drugs such as tylenol and ibuprofin something fierce. then a friend recommended a migraine specialist in nyc, he's written a couple of books, dr. mauskop, he's excellent.

he got me off the otc stuff, which as it turns out, can cause 'rebound' headaches and then trigger the migraines, and can even make them worse - as in - can anything stop it? i also took morphine in the beginning because maybe that's all they had back then? i don't know it wasn't that often so i didn't ever abuse it or anything.

they got worse as i got older due to hormonal dysfunction, then it was from abusing the otc drugs, it became a vicious cycle

dr. mauskop kept insisting i get off all caffeine as well - i did do that except for chocolate - he kept insisting that also was a problem

anyway he put me on some antiseizure drugs - it might have been topamax - this was about 1-2 years after it getting off the otc, which is how long it seemed to take to get it out of my system, i was on the that for maybe 6 months and started getting better

i tried the imitrex and all the other advanced meds but always had side effects i couldn't tolerate, fiurocet is the only one that has ever worked for me. it's a drug cocktail of phenobarbitol, tylenol and caffeine. people abuse it something terrible but it can be very effective if you are careful. is very cheap also.

then when i moved overseas i vowed to stop eating chocolate forever - not that i ever ate that much, but i did eat it from time to time, or drink it in winter.

wow - i couldn't believe the difference, after so many years, i hardly ever have a headache - i never would have believed it.

so what does it for me - no caffeine whatsoever, not green tea, nada, and that includes chocolate. too much sugar can also trigger a headache so i watch that intake also. keep my sleep patterns as regular as possible and try to avoid too much sun (also used to trigger them, as in excess heat/sun)

as for otcs, i'm still a bit sensitive but can use tylenol if i have a fever, but then have to stay away from it, the fiurocet i use maybe once or twice a month, down to a quarter of a tablet with 1 tylenol to boost it - maybe once every 2 months or so i get a full blown migraine and have to take as much as 2 tablets of fiurocet - then the caffeine sometimes kicks in and my former addiction to that causes withdrawal symptoms which includes migraines - so it's a catch 22 but worth it to be pain free the rest of the time.

so for anyone who ever mentions migraines the first thing i suggest is get a specialist; then get off the caffeine and chocolate and the otc (over the counter) meds. also watch out for other meds that have caffeine added to them - even some sodas such as barq's root beer and mountain dew - where you'd not be looking for it.

good luck

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#160170 - 06/06/07 12:16 PM Re: Migraines [Re: indygal]
pain4ever Offline

Registered: 04/05/01
Posts: 1032

Sorry you too have the migraine curse. Yeah, when I was at the Diamond Head Pain clinic and the Michigan Head pain and Neurological Center...I went through the OTC detox and stopped all caffene...Milk products...I mean a huge list of thing I could not ingest...I kept a food diary. The docs could never find a trigger there.

He tried Fiurocet for me...didnt work but we found one odd medication that did. I have to refill it and see if it is effective anymore, it wasnt the last couple times. It was indocin or the generic indomethacin,,,it was made for Arthritis but it seemed to work. Since I threw up so much it couldnt be in pill form...and not a shot...think about it...not fun but it worked. After my stints there I threw away 42 bottles of meds that they tried and didnt work!

Sleep I think had a huge amount to do with it. I took a new job and I dont get regular sleep anymore due to the drive. Guess wwhat...migraines got worse. I am trying to move now to get back on a regular sleep schedule.


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#160437 - 06/07/07 06:54 PM Re: Migraines [Re: pain4ever]
Galapogos Offline

Registered: 04/15/05
Posts: 110
Loc: usa
I started getting migranes when I was about 14. Had one about every 18 months or so for a few years. I get all the stroke-like symptoms, numbness, vision problems, slurred speech, jumbled words, nausea, light sensitivity, and a pain in my head that's beyond words. Usually they last about 12-18 hours. Had an rx for caffergot as a teen, it was supposed to derail most of the side effects, I can't say it ever worked.

My last migrane was 2 years ago this month, so I hope there isn't one in store for me soon. I should have gone to the ER or seen a doctor at the time. I've never had any kind of scan.

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#160760 - 06/09/07 12:58 AM Re: Migraines [Re: Galapogos]
indygal Offline

Registered: 06/22/06
Posts: 439
yeah, i also used to get the 'exercise-induced' headache - any slight disturbance to my metabolism and BAMM i was paying for it - i always would blame it on all the beatings on my head i endured as a child and young adult but my hormones definitely played a role

something else i forgot to mention **feverfew** is a herb you can find in the health food store - i remember dr. m suggested this to me and i tried it for a while - there's been research with it as a migraine preventive - it really makes you feel unnaturally good as in - is this legal??? but that wears off after a couple of weeks, unfortunately!! ha ha...

i took it as a capsule, they make a tea but it sucks (the taste).

magnesium supplements are also supposed to help.

there's a lot of research out there - mostly i try to eat healthy, get enough sleep (no sleep is a BIG stresser for me, headache inducer) and keep a regular schedule, i do exercise but try to not overdue it w/o adequate prep ahead of time

*also* started bp meds a little over a year ago, that's helped a lot also, seems i'm just a little hypertensive which also causes headaches.

i too had a lot of meds, mostly unused, and am glad not to have them now but i never go far w/o my migraine med no matter what.


my avatar is one of the Battle Angel characters, fighting the good fight.

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