Victims of crime in California provides assistance to molest victims and other crimes. It can be accessed by applying within one year of the crime or until they are 19 years old and extended to age 21 for good cause.

I am sure there are similar programs in each state and a directory of sites for them might be helpful as a resource to our many who visit this site. With a little research, sites for other states can easily be obtained. In California it is:

Here is what they say they will help with:

"Expenses Eligible for Reimbursement
The VOC Program can reimburse the following expenses if they are incurred as a direct result of a crime as long as there are no other sources of reimbursement available.

Mental Health Counseling
Lost Wage/Income
Lost Support to Eligible Family Members
Domestic Violence Moving and Relocation
Job Retraining "

They have help centers listed at that site.


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