I think this song tells about not only the abuse but the healling form it too. I used to never cry. I was told by my abusers that crying is wrong. i think very differently now.

"wash away those years" by creed writen by Scott Stapp

She came calling
one early morning
she showed her crown of thorns

she whispered softly
to tell a story
about how she had been wronged

as she lay lifeless
he stole her innocence
and this is how she carried on

Well i guess she closed her eyes
and just imagined everything's alright
but she could not hide her tears
'cause they were sent to wash away those years
they were sent to wash away those years

my anger's violent
but still i'm silent
when tragedy strikes at home

I know this decadence
is shared by millions
remember you're not alone

for we have crossed many oceans
and we labor in between
in life there are many quotients
and i hope i find the mean

dose this hit home for any of you? dose me!

"I will never forget, nor shall I choose too remember."