Now that I have your attention I would like to share this.....hehehehe
Why do people need change?? Why is it you think that people nowadays are divorcing at a higher rate than ever before? I read a book called "Ecstacy, The Art of Meditation." It was an in-depth look at why human are the ways they are as well as techniques on how to be more "Self-Aware". I crossed referenced it with another book I had read called "Dianetics" which was almost like a revised version of the book I had read before with big words taking place of simple, sometimes confusing explanations. They both made the same points and used the same facts however they both explained them in great detail in their own way. People that I had spoken with who had read the Dianetic books found it annoyingly technical. They felt that the guy who wrote the book was a bit of his rocker. I personally feel he is a very interesting and smart individual who actually found another way of self-enlightenment without using old age techniques. He in a way refined old ways of reaching "clear conciousness" by using science, the science of the mind. Let me give an example; in times before we actually knew about how about making medications and antibiotics we used other hollistic techniques such as remedies and potions to heal ailments. Then people started to learn about the human anatomy and how to make medicines from plants so they started using new techniques to cure diseases. People use to cure mental illness with electro shock therapy and cutting off pieces of the brain which were old harsh techniques. When people started to learn about sections of the brain they learned that the brain was made to function properly on its own and that electro shock therepy and cutting the brain did not but obviously hurt the person beyond repair. So people started to learn alternatives ways to deal with mental illness. People in the east started using self reflection because of their lack of technology. They started to be more aware of their bodies and how they responded to stimuli. They learned about themselves just by being "aware". That is why they call it being "enlightened", the burden of life has been lifted off their shoulders and they had learned to appreciate life for all it had to offer from its harsh cruetly to the splendor of laughter. People realized how human they were and that we were blessed with a counsciousness and the ability to feel and have emotions. They realized that the life we were given was one of pleasure and of beauty and that no matter how hard life might be it was still great to be alive and "aware". People in the west started applying medicinal treatment to mental illness because of their technology. Unlike people in the east who did self reflection for treatment us westners just took a "miracle pill". We have cured almost every disease that has plagued the human race except our brains. We never got to the level of self awareness as did the easteners because we found alternatives way of dealing with out every day stress. Is it an unusual thing that we are the most violent and most fattest nation in the world? Both Bwag Wan Shra Ranessh arthur of "Ecstacy, The art of Meditation" and Ron L. Hubbard the author of "Dianetics" were what I like to call modern day sophists. Bwag Wan was an eastener with sophist values and Ron was a westener with technology who studied the science of the brain with sophist values as well. They both were looking for ways of finding peace within the human mind with their own techniques. They both came to the conclusion that the human brain was made to function properly like a machine and that no "magic pill" or other technique would cure a mental illness. Bwag Wan described the are of being aware of what you thought and allowing yourself to express yourself freely without guilt or doubt. Allowing yourself to flow freely and not letting anything fog your clear thought. He said never to worry about what others had to think about you because if you are too worried about what others think then you will never be able to go into yourself. He said that a "one sided life was a crippled one". In the beggining he says when you read my book take it as a conversation and do not think of this as a cure but rather a conversation from one person to another. He explained what it really meant to enjoy and celebrate life. What he meant by self awareness was to be aware of yourself and your first instinct and that your first reaction or thought is you. You are who you think you are however you don't allow yourself to be that way because of what society deems "normal". Ron also explained self awareness but with a very different explanation. He explained that the brain was a machine that worked effiently because it if human instinct to survive. We learn from childbirth how to survive and how to deal with stimuli through past experiences. We are built to survive. Our brains are sophisticated machines that learn. He explained it like this, our brains (being efficient) machinelike were at the hand of society (inefficient) who started to make "adjustments" to it. That is were our doubt comes in, our ego, our longing for the new. Ron goes on to describe the human condition even further by saying that our language our words have alot of impact on us. He says just like a smell or a song being stimuli of a past memory so is a word or keywords. He said these "keywords" trigger us. These "keywords" are the "adjustment". If a certain smell reminds you of an old lover or a song reminds you of an event then why wouldn't a word have the same effect? Its still stimuli. Everything is stimuli. He explained that without these keywords we would be able to function efficiently. We would be able to be ourselves to be aware of our inner thoughts and ideas. He explained that without anything holding us back we would be able to flow freely with our thoughts and have peace of mind. Both arthurs found their peace of mind through their own technique. I think people are not aware of themselves at times like these. We have so much stimuli holding us back from being ourselves. Everything from television, to cmmercials, to billboards, to others people intepretation of what we should look like. Is it a coincidence that we are so depressed and that so many people deal with their stress with eating? We marry the person out of selfishness of what we might get outta life rather than marrying the person for who they are. If you go into a relationship with money and your selfish needs on your mind do you think it would last?? Of course not. People cheat on people because they find something in another person that they do not find in the lover they have now. People fall outta love because they both don't work at it. People do drugs because they want to fill the void in their life that they feel is empty. We are a nation of depression. We are depressed because we don't know ourselves. Because we are not aware of who we are. We care to much about what joe blow thinks and what joe blow has. We will never be able to go into ourselves if we are too worried about what others think. Look at world. Look at the US. We are turning into fat, violent, drug abusin, arrogant, selfish people. Do you know the most profitable market on this earth is drugs as well as the most expensive fight we our up against? Do you know that 1outta 3 people in over weight? Thats roughly almot have the US. Did you know that we are the most depressed people of all time? Do you know that sex crimes against children are rising than ever before? Did you know that after Sep. 11th porn on the internet has been considerably higher? Did you know that our prisons or so over populated that we are either gonna have to start letting some people go or start building new prison which takes alot of money? Why do you think people get 4-5 years for killing someone? It's because we can't hold them. Ok now I am rambling. Sorry. but the truth of the matter is would all these things happen if people knew how valuable human life is? Would people kill, rape, steal, cheat, and beat each other if they were aware of pain and destruction? Or is it just human instinct to kill one another? Do you think that if we all took time to learn about ourselves that maybe just maybe it would do some good? Everything I have said up to now is my thinking however. Ron and Bwag Wan just teach about being self aware about finding true happiness because in reality and ultimately you make yourself happy, you decide because you are the operator of the machine being your head your thoughts. If you learn to be aware of yourself and put aside all the adjustment about how you should function then you will truly be free. You won't be a machine anymore you will be a human being. You will be unique. Language can do as much harm as good sometimes. Does it seem almost robotic to laugh sometimes? Does is feel like you laugh to just laugh but don't really feel the happiness behind it? Do you worry and have anxiety about the future and rack your brain about everything you don't have? Do you ever wish you were someone else? Do you wish for things you don't have? Are you not happy now with yourself? Do you feel you were cheated out of this life? Do you wish you weren't so lonely at times? Do you wish for peace of mind? Do you wish that sometimes you could just be you without self doubt? Do you wish sometimes you weren't so self consicous? Do you wish to find a resolution to yoursel? Do you wish to fill that void,the emptiness, the sadness? I got one answer.......yourself. Fill it with yourself. Be aware of yourself and what you really want. Don't care about what others might think of your real self. Your real self should be good enough for anyone and if it is not then you don't need them. If you are too self conscious about yourself then you will never be whole you will always be crippled you will be one sided. "A one sided life is a crippled life". We are all humans, we all live under one sun in one world, we are all capable of self thought. We were made to be ourselves not what everybody else wants us to be. You know why we should love another? Because love is beautiful and it feels great. If you can honeslty cay that you like feeling shitty then you really do need to be aware of yourself. Feeling bad is not fun. We all know that. Any person would rather be loved than hated. Any person would rather have peace than turmoil. Wouldn't it be nice to actually sit back and relax just relax rather than have thoughts running around your head 24/7. This is not a religion, this is not a belief, this is simply just being yourself. Taking everything you ever learned and think you know about yourself and life and start allowing the real you, allowing your voice to actually take form of a sound. Is that scary?? Is the umknown scary?? If we stay in our comfort zone our whole life we will never get anywhere. Try it. Allow yourself to be you. Allow yourself to "breath". Allow yourself to think like you want to think. But remember that in all this there is reality. Keep reality in mind. Life is reality. You are real. The real you is inside of you. Do you think theere is a reason that the songs we listen to are all about being yourself about society about finding love. Love is being yourself. Love is loving someone for who they are not what they represent. You love someone because they love you for you. You love because it feels awesome. Love is real. Learn to love yourself so you can love someone else. How can you love someone else if you don't even love yourself. People are afraid of the unknown. Think of the brain like this a forrest everything we can see and perceive is the bright green forest we know the area so we are comfortable in it but there is even a larger area of the brain that we don't travel the dark unknown we are scared to venture out into that part of the forrest because it is not known to us. We are scared of what it holds. We always hear "Be yourself" and throughout school we are taught about things but we are never taught about ourselves. We are never taught about who we are. We learn about ourselves through our trial and tribulations. "Mistakes make people"and a your character is a victory not a gift. Give yourself a try is all I am asking. Allow yourself to be you. You will be a much happier individual and you will see life in a totally new perception. Like I said you don't have to pratice this as a religion or belieft but rather practice it to be yourself. You real self then will decide on god, on life, on your goals, and about everything you soul has. We do have a soul. Our soul is who we really are. Our soul is there. Don't be afraid to show it to other people. Only thing you will gain from being having your life veiled is loneliness. Someone told me if I had ever met lonely? I was like "what the fuck?? You mean loneliness or depression?" She said no,"Lonely. Lonely is a person". I thought to myself what the hell is she talking about? Then I sat and thought about it overnight and I realized what she meant? Lonely,selfish,cruel,happy,excited, even horny is all a person. Each one is its very own, very different, own person. I am lonely, I am selfish, I am cruel, I am happy, I am excited, and at times I am horny. However even thought they are all me at times. They are not me. I am not lonely,selfish,cruel,happy, excited or horny. I am all these things!!! I found out though that I focused so much on each one when I was either lonely or happy that I would lose sight of the real me in the process. The trick is to be all these but being aware that you are being these and then making the proper adjustment to make yourself the way you want to be. This doesn't mean be an angel from now on and bake cookies for the homeless kids, or become a nun it just means be yourself with the knowledge that we are all humans. We are all aware at one time or another. Be aware of who you love. Be aware that you are alive right now, that you are breathing, that you are reading this, that you are sitting in front of your computer or laptop or web tv, be aware of your time, be aware of the things you do, be aware of the things you think about, be aware of everything around you. be aware that you can be aware. I am a human, I use to be really self concious, I use to think that life was easy, I use to think I knew everything, I had my prejudices and I still do I will admit that, I didn't know love, I thought life was about partying, and sex, and booze and for a while I didn't believe in anything. I wanted soo much to I dunno just be somwhere to have something. I felt so empty and lost. Then I found myself. I found everything I always wanted within myself. I found reality. I opened my eyes to reality. Reality is we live in one world. We need food to survive. We all need each other to progress. We only reap what we sow. We are all scared. We are all lost. This world is soo tiny compared to the infinite Universe out there. We are floating in space right now in the middle of god nows where. We are just here. Let's enjoy the time we have here on earth. Be glad you even have a computer and not in some third world country with dictorship and being rationed food. Be glad for everything you have and be AWARE of this. Your bitching and complaining about welfare, and life sucking, and not having this or that, or someone left you is nil compared to everything else on this earth. Its bullshit. Isn't life amazing. I mean the way this earth takes care of us? Without the earth we wouldn't be here. Without each other we wouldn't be here. Be aware of that. Who gives a fuck about what clothes you wear or who you hang out with or what you do or don't have. This is life. The fact you are experience life should be good enough reason for you to be alive and not want to die. You being just you should be good enough for anyone and if not then they are not themselves. The fact that they won't give you a chance to know them just because of how you look or what you have just goes to show that person insecurities. You can now look and laugh at that person because they are living in the own private hell. You, yourself should be good enough for anyone. The fact you are alive is good enough reason to want to live. Life is beautiful don't let your self doubt, your ego, your prejudices, your judgementalness get in the way of fully enoying your time on earth. We are all human be aware of that.