Hi to all,

I feel that the National Organization on Male Sexual Victimization should be exclusively for males who are victims or surviviors. Yet, understand that at least several of the the therapists who are associated with NOMSV treat perpertrators or offenders or abusers.I feel that this is incompatible with what NOMSV should be about, an organization that helps/represents victims or survivors. By having therapists associated with NOMSV, and part of NOMSV, treating abusers it takes away from the pain and anguish and loss of personal life and freedom and financial problems that the victims have as the result of abuse. Since the vast majority of victims never turn into abusers and since this shows a difference in the personality and morals of victims as being someone who would never do what someone did to them and since abusers ignore this and proceed with the evil they inflict, treating abusers is incongrouous with what NOMSV is about. In many states abusers are considered criminals.

I, and I assume others who read this, will agree that NOMSV policy should be changed to have therapists associated with NOMSV and part of NOMSV not treating offenders.

An answer is requested that can confirm this or explain the situation to NOMSV people.

Thank you.