I was only ever concerned with ONE of God's voices, or messengers. He taught me that I could never trust anything ANY human ever told me about "God." Fortunately, I haven't lost my trust in God himself.

Today, after a few decades of "enlightenment," I still won't trust them...but at least am finishing a BA in Biblical Studies so I can understand what they were SUPPOSED to be teaching me.

I did get some valuable lessons though: NO religion can possibly be perfect, because humans control what their lesson plans; therefore, NO religion deserves absolute loyalty, they deserve to have their leaders viewed critically. Also, since religions are led by "people," a follower who will die for their religion, or kill for their religion, cannot be justify it in the name of God...only in the name of their teacher--in whom they have TRULY placed their trust over and above GOD'S law. More-over, by killing or dying or "other" acts int eh name of "what God wants", they are taking the gift of life that God gave each of us, and that all religions teach to charish, and are destroying it for themselves as well as for others. Thus, those who do those things in the name of "God" are the ones who are TRULY rejecting GOD by spitting in the face of His gifts to us.

(yes, I'm a little Duck Fupped...spiritually at least.)

Daniel Peter

He who dies with the most toys...loses them all when he dies.

He who dies having fed and cared for his brother, wins in the eyes of God...and the hearts of his brothers.

He who dies but didn't ride...well...he didn't really live anyway!