- the concept here is that people are not perfect...

we can have good sides and bad sides.... as we see

and we can have all kinds of intelligences -

or abilities -

we all have gifts....


i guess - though an important image to me -

that was taught to me by a beautiful person - Steve Isaacman.

was that of

limitation -

which - transferred to my case at that time-

'my talents - my abilities were not enough '

he framed the idea - in saying we can see this

too like the story of 'adam and eve'

they had the confidence - and maybe the unwitting carefree attitude

their consciousness had not been aware yet -

that they were not perfect... and so....

.....when they came to their tragic mistakes -

and realized their falibility - their limitation -

they were overcome with grief -

overcome with remorse - and shame -

we are not perfect..

we are human.....

and so they left that 'garden'....

i know i have faced this before - and remembering it - brings much sadness

again...- it happened when i realized my talents - my intelligence -

were not enough ....

the same lesson from the tragedy of the past ---


it is something that reassures me too now - when dealing with others -

and prepares me for maybe not the 'perfect' meeting -

i can see the good in them - and yes - the struggles they have

or the imperfections or difficulties - and yep excellences .....

we are all not good at everything -

even at relating - to each other -

but we can still be good people

have good hearts - in some ways -

and yes - be a little aggravating

but it seems most people can be \:\)

i think this knowledge for me - helps me deal.

and know - eh - well - i tried my best -


when dealing with folks though -

- it doesn't mean i am blind either -

believe me -

after dealing with my father - i see pretty much everybody's qualities

- ways of being etc,,,now

and i still make mistakes - fumbling for connection

and hoping....

but we all make mistakes - and learn...

in an awkward - spastic sometimes foolish way..

i have a bit of Candide - in me - and yep the mind's a bit broken

but i have to embrace it all -

it does give me thoughts of William Shakespeare's line

about the qualties of relationships - social farts -

stumbling through life and struggle - and yes learning about relating....

'what fool we mortals be....'

at this point - though life can be scary -

i think fools are pretty great.

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